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Started in the year 1967, as on today's date it has completed its 38 years. In 1967 on the occasion of "Ram-Navami", it has been started , inspired by Shri Pandit Girijashankar Tiwari. Today it has taken the form of a very big Tree. Every year on "Ram-Navami", this procession is taken out and it covers a long route of 10 Km. of the Nagpur city. Peoples from every part of India, comes to Nagpur city for watching this big & beautiful procession. Its Live Telecast is also done by local TV Cable operators. On this particular day thousands of people comes to Nagpur city, only for watching this "Shobha-Yatra" and thus it has become the proud of Nagpur City today.

As a first citizen, the Mayor of Nagpur City performs the Pooja of Shree Ram, and thus he inaugurates the Start of "Shobha-Yatra". Devotees pulls the "Rath" of Shreeram and the "Shobha-Yatra", proceeds in his way. Hundreds of Trucks carrying beautiful seens, predicting the events from "Ramayan" & other "Hindu Grantha" joins this Shobha-Yatra. Beautiful Fire-Show & crackers increases the attraction of "Shobha-Yatra". Ladies carrying 108 "Mangal-Kalash" in their heads increases the beauty of "Shobha-Yatra".

The every citizen of Nagpur city are today feels proud of themselves and are thankful to "PODDARESHWAR RAM MANDIR", and its founder "Shri JAMNADHAR PODDAR & SMT. DHANIBAI PODDAR" AND to the whole of "PODDAR FAMILY" for the reason that due to the activities of "Ram Mandir", the Nagpur City has become one of the important place in India, which every one wants to visit.


It is logically proved truth that behind every big & successful events, there is an well managed organising body who manage the whole work successfully by working day & night. Thanks to the organising body of "Ram Janmotsav Shobha Yatra", who manage the whole work by working day & night. The present members of "ShreeRam Janmotsav Shobha-Yatra" Organising Committee, are as follow :-

  1. Shri Ramkrishna Poddar (Convener)
  2. Shri Umesh Sharma
  3. Shri Adv. Amruit Acharya
  4. Shri Gourishankar Gupta
  5. Shri Jiyandilal Chhabariya
  6. Shri Suresh Agrawal
  7. Shri Harishchandra Jaiswal
  8. Shri Yogendra Mehra
  9. Shri Jugalkishor Kyal
  10. Shri Shambhudayalji Mishra

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